Composition of something with some electronics.

Interdimensional Hypothesis 1 (cello & electronics)
Interdimensional Hypothesis 2 (improvised percussion & guitar)

RTS1 written for custom electronics and improvised wind instruments
RTS2 written for flutes and percussion

“Music for Two Left Feet” improv with Thomas Vanderbrook and Tom Benton

“Alphabet Hotel” or “Electro Fantastic Remix” by Many Birthdays – listen on soundcloud
(contribution: guitar, backing vocals, aux percussion)

“Tsugi Ni Kuru Koto” from Many Birthdays spotify

DIY” by Many Birthdays, recorded at Clock Right studios
(contribution: guitar, backing vocals, aux percussion)

“Rock It” from Many Birthdays
(contribution: guitar playing/writing)

Endless Possibilities by The Boxing Lesson
(contribution: cello playing)

Songs by Travis Austin/Mediums listen on bandcamp (contribution: cello playing)

A piano improvisation inspired by too much benadryl on Thanksgiving 2010.

Linen Closet EP listen on bandcamp
(contribution: cello writing/playing)

Hands of Ether” or “Perfect Weights” from Gold Beach listen on Bandcamp
(contribution: string arrangement/cello playing)

“Lemongrass” from She, Sir listen on bandcamp
(contribution: cello/backing vocal/organ)

“Germ of All” by Steve Arceri listen on Steve’s page
(contribution: string arrangement/cello playing)

Fiction listen on soundcloud
(contribution: string arrangement/cello playing: cello, synth, keyboard, backing vocal)

“You Can’t Change a Thing” from She, Sir listen on bandcamp
(backing vocals)

“March On” composed by Russell Reed
listen on Soundcloud

“Hypnic Jerks” and “Litigious Blues” by Band Lotto 2009 one-time-studio-only-band, “Tropical Tantrum”
(guitar parts + some backing or lead vocals)

My Baby Cried All Night Long” – Lee Hazelwood cover by John Schooley
(string arrangement/cello playing + backing vocal)

Band member in Stop Motion Orchestra
(contribution: keyboard or cello playing)

Some rando old stuff on myspace