Videos of HC playing music or videos in which I have contributed sound to via some form:

Being a band member in Linen Closet lead by Adam Hilton

Being a band member in Stop Motion Orchestra lead by Mohadev

A Congenial Hunch ( noise improvisation )

Aux Aux at COTFG NMASS2017 (1, 2, 3)

Playing ‘Post Meridiem’ from Quotidian by Jessica Pavone with members of Till by Turning

Graham Reynolds Pancho Villa Opera (1, 2, 3, 4)

Penfold Theater – An Iliad with music by Seth Ransom Osborn

playing “The Argus” by Ween
POON playing “The Grobe” by Ween
POON playing “Your Party” by Ween

Rise” – Yoga with Adriene (guitar and composition by me)

Catalogue of Spiderfarts by Peter Stopschinski (1, 2)

Stop Motion Orchestra at the Mohawk in 2014

“Lithopedion” by Henna Chou and Wiley Wiggins on Vimeo.
(sound collage / composition by me)

Rick Slither Memorial Quintet (arrangements of songs by Coma In Algiers by Henna Chou)

Linen Closet at The Parish

“Who Is Karen Finley” from RAR on Vimeo.

New Music Co-op at Fast Forward Festival 2012 – Kinship Collapse by Arnold Dreyblatt

“Willow Spence” by Travis Weller on KLRU

Hardy Sound: The Stuck Sessions presents – the Gary (1, 2)

Improvisation w/Adam Sultan, Thomas Vanderbrook, Derek Phelps, Carl Smith at NMASS2012

Fiction- Lights, Alarms video by Noelene Clark

Performing a cover song by Pink Floyd

Performing with Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument at Seaholm Power Plant

Many Birthdays Austin Sessions at Mt Bonnell

Haker-Flaten/Gonzalez-The Hymn Project-Doxology

Gold Beach-I, Testify,  Gold Beach

Live with Ume ‘the Means’ at the Mohawk

California Prop 37 animation youtube