HC participation/activity log : :

01/13/2017 POON at The Highball
01/24/2017 Wank Tribe at Carousel Lounge
01/27/2017 Aux Aux via Aural Canyon  at The ND
02/04/2017 COTFG: Sulphuric Symphony
02/16/2017 An Iliad  at Scottish Rite Theater
02/28/2017 Pancho Villa Opera at Harbor Playhouse
03/03/2017 HC & Joshua Thomson at Café Crème
03/15/2017 POON at Cherrywood Coffeehouse
03/18/2017 Aux Aux at Resistor
03/22/2017 COTFG at Museum of Human Achievement
04/07/2017 Aux Aux (installation) at MASS Gallery
04/14/2017 Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance in Fusebox Festival
04/15/2017 Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance in Fusebox Festival
05/01/2017 Wank Tribe at Me Mer Mo Monday
05/04/2017 Break/Fix at Co-Lab Demo Gallery / String Room
05/12/2017 Aux Aux at Metamorphosis
06/04/2017 Aux Aux at The Blanton Museum SoundSpace
06/12/2017 Moist Flesh at Cheer Up Charlie’s
06/18/2017 COTFG at MASS Gallery
06/19/2017 COTFG at Me Mer Mo Monday
07/14/2017 NMASS2017 at Springdale Station
07/15/2017 NMASS2017 at Springdale Station
07/16/2017 NMASS2017 at Springdale Station
08/04/2017 Aux Aux at S1 Synth Library
08/17/2017 Beat the Rush with Joey Reyes & Marcus Rubio
09/06/2017 11:11:11 at Carson Creek Ranch
09/08/2017 Rebecca Havemeyer and Justin Vivian Bond at The ND
09/14/2017 Catalina de Erauso by Paper Chairs Theater at CMPBS
09/16/2017 Sonic Transmissions Festival (2pm-6pm)
09/25/2017 Moist Flesh at Cheer Up Charlies
10/10/2017 Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance at Ace Hotel
10/15/2017 Man, Woman, Friend, Computer at Beerland
10/18/2017 Moist Flesh at Hotel Vegas
10/30/2017 PrismAtx at Imagine Art
11/02/2017 POON at Spiderhouse Ballroom
11/03/2017 Break/Fix at Café Crème
11/03/2017 POON at Cheer Up Charlie‘s
11/07/2017 Anagram at Astral Spirits‘ event
11/10/2017 Illusory Impressions
11/11/2017 Illusory Impressions
11/16/2017 Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance in Seattle, WA
11/27/2017 Me Mer Mo Monday curated by @LSTRNQT
12/10/2017 1111Finale band at Cheer Up Charlie’s
12/22/2017 Moist Flesh at Raquel’s house party
12/30/2017 Montopolis Power Supply & MWFC at Oskar Blues Brewery